Sunshine, a microfiction

Pink and gold, the first day of spring begun with a sunrise beautiful like no one had seen before. The daylight broke through thick curtains of smoke. Bomb explosions still echoed throughout the cities; the fires shots had died out before daylight. It had been a beautiful sunrise like no one had seen before. Or … Continue reading Sunshine, a microfiction

Writing Flash Fiction is Helping Me Improve my Writing

When I read Jhumpa Lahiri's "In Other Words", I found that her experiences mirrored mines. She wanted to learn Italian so badly, and I have always wanted to speak English. But whereas she started writing in Italian to push herself to learn more, writing in English was the next logical step in my learning experience. … Continue reading Writing Flash Fiction is Helping Me Improve my Writing


Prompt: "I'll tell you, but you're not gonna like it" “You’re hiding something” “No” “Don’t try to fool me, Phil. I know you like the back of my hand” “Ok, fine. I’ll tell you, but you’re not gonna like it” “Try me” “We’re stranded” “We are 250 light-years away from home!” “That’s the bad news” … Continue reading #17


Prompt: "This is gonna be so much fun!" “C’mon, put it on and stop complaining!” “I’m not sure, Dorothea. It’s been so long…” “Oh, please. This is gonna be so much fun! We can dress up, go to dinner and then dance! Or to the cinema! Like in the old days, when we were young!” … Continue reading #16


Prompt: "But I will never forget" They said I was a flawed creation. That my neurological implant was defective and could not work properly. I had no idea what "properly" meant. I sometimes felt disappointed: I could not give them what they wanted. “We needed you to feel pain”, Nurse Gillian had explained to me … Continue reading #11