Reviews & Ratings
I keep Goodreads’ star rating for my reviews:
1 star: did not like
2 stars: it was ok
3 stars: I liked it
4 stars: really liked it
5 stars: it was amazing
Also half-stars are my friends and I will use them a lot.

What do I read?

To be fair, there is nothing I won’t read. If the story sounds interesting enough, I’m game. However, you will find my reviews mostly revolve around these genres:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • middle-grade (fantasy, especially)
  • classics
  • literary fiction (picky)
  • fairy tales & fairy tales inspired
  • non-fiction (philosophy, comparative religion, spirituality, mythology & social sciences are the topics I read the most)
  • I sometimes read young adult books, but I’m picky about it
  • I sometimes read self-help, but I’m extremely picky about

I don’t typically read:

  • thrillers
  • “chicklit”
  • romance

My Reviews
If I am reviewing
ARCs or DPCs the reviews are all spoiler-free (obviously) and you needn’t worry.
However, if I am reviewing older books and classics or doing an in-depth analysis of a book the post might contain spoilers. I always warn about it, though, so I hope this won’t be a problem.
My ratings aren’t affected because I got the book for free. I couldn’t fake to like a book to save my life, so you might find criticism of the books I read. I always try to balance the positive and negative features of the books I read, though.

Book Formats
I am an international book blogger and I understand that shipping to Italy has high prices. I often read on my Kindle so mobi and epub formats are more than welcome. That being said, if you’re kind enough to want to send me a physical copy of a book I won’t be the one stopping you.

I’ve given you a book to read, how long will it take you to post a review?
I am a uni student and a full time worker. My time is limited and I balance ARCs & reviews on top of everything else. If you’ve given me a book, it’s gone on the top of my TBR pile but there are only 24 hours in a day. It usually takes me  from two weeks to a month to read a book (depending on its length) and around a week to write a review.

I’ve given you an ARC, when will you publish the review?
If I got it through Edelweiss+ or NetGalley I’ll post there when I finish reading and wait 30 days before release to post on my blog and social media. This seems standard procedure, if the publisher doesn’t specify it I’ll probably inquire about it.

Are you currently accepting books to review?
As of April 2019 I am not accepting any more books to review. I accumulated a lot of ARCs without even noticing and I want to focus on them.

I don’t accept unsolicited review copies for one simple reason: I might never get to them. If you throw one my way I don’t guarantee I’ll be interested in reading your book, especially if it’s not a genre I like. Please consider contacting me before sending me anything.

Do you do blog tours and interviews?
I am open to both.
If you’d wish to write me about it, please see the form on the contact me page.

Thank you for considering me to review your books!