Dear reader,

if you’re reading this I’m flattered, because it means you found me interesting enough to be curious about who I am and my life. Such great expectations shouldn’t be left down, so I’m very happy to introduce you to…me:

I like to go around the internet with the name Gwen: I’m a 20-something y.o. girl living in northern Italy, studying English and Swedish languages and literatures. I have a cat called Tesla, an insane love for books, an addiction to tea, I enthuse over dragons and I let myself be distracted by videogames more than I should.

I like to think of myself as a seeker, because there is always something I’m trying to discover. After all, what’s life without some secret to be revealed, some treasure to be found, some idea to be grasped? Ravenclaw would’ve been my house for sure, if the Ministry of Magic hadn’t lost the record of muggle-borns, but I digress.
This constant research, this need to understand and learn, has always been with me since I can remember, and lured me into a spiritual research that made me stumble into old tales, folklore, mythology and much, much more.

This blog is mostly about books, a bit about me, my craft projects, the magic of small things and it’s all about living life with the perspective that everything is beautiful. Or it can be.

P.S. as you may have figured out, I’m not a native speaker of English so please, forgive any mistakes you may find in my posts.

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