It’s June 2nd and you know what that means.
Monthly wrap-up!



I haven’t read a lot in May. Must’ve been the reading burnout from  the OWLs Readathon.

cover163328-mediumDarkwood by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch
Humorous and witty middle-grade novel that is also perfect for adults.



42875805Extraordinary: a story of an ordinary princess by Cassie Anderson
A lovely graphic novel about a princess who’s blessed (or cursed?) with the power of bein ordinary


39863596The Den by Abi Maxwell
The story of two girls, separated by a century, who want more from life.
Wonderful writing, incredible atmosphere.


42584179How Not to Die Alone by Richard Roper
Surprisingly fun story about a man who lied to his coworkers. They think he’s married with two kids. He doesn’t have any human contact outside of work.
Surprisingly fun, entertaining and heart-warming


Click on the cover to be redirected to the review!

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Senza titolo-1

May was a tough month, I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress. My Swedish exam went better than expected, but I still don’t have my result; it makes me rather nervous because if I failed I’d love to know it sooner rather than later, thanks.
I also have another exam in June and one in July, which means study study study. I manage to find the time to read, but I don’t have enough time to write all the reviews I need to. Most annoying, especially when the books are nice and you’re excited about them.
Obviously my education comes first, but writing is a thing I enjoy doing so it’s sad I don’t have enough time for it.
Anyway, I cut my hair yesterday but my hand slipped and now they’re shorter than I wanted them. It was a problem for 2 seconds, before I realized they take 3 minutes to dry when I wash them. The upside of things.
I’ve also started baking! I made a Sponge Cake last week, but this month the winner is a chocolate coconut cake that is perfect for the hot temperatures because it’s served cold. This is the last one before I start my diet.

I don’t really feel it’s June. We’re already closer to Halloween 2019 than we are to Halloween 2018. Are you kidding me?
I have too many things to study and not enough time.

How has this past month been to you?
I hope you get to do many exciting things this June!

Happy readings


2 thoughts on “May 2019 Wrap-Up

    1. Thank you! I do have a lot of boring reading to do for some literature exams I’m taking, but I hope to squeeze some nice fantasy in between them


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